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Hot summer trends by Iwona

Hot summer trends by Iwona

Are you ready to welcome the summer?
Here are some of the latest and most fashionable tips this season: 

Embroidery and sew-on-badges
The sew-on-badges will be in fashion not only on jeans but also on other pieces of clothing.
Apart from sew-on-badges colorful embroidery is also this summer's hit!!!
It is a must on skirts, blousesor dresses.

Large sleeves
Large sleeves can be Wide , bouffant, long, smooth, or Any kind you can think of as long as they are size XXL.
They give our Look SPICED up Spanish elegance.
Large sleeve trend is suitable for Any occasion, to work, party as well as for animportant event.

Lace dresses
Lace dresses will still reign in fashion for 2017.
It is fashionable to match the lace dress with a shirt, but it is a Little bold-for bold fashion lovers.

Nude colour
Nude colour will be fashionable in total Look as well as in sets with other colours.
Apart from nude clothing; nude accessories like bags,shoes, straps,belts, jewellery and of course nude make up are alsothis year's hits!!!!
In a nutshell the natural beauty will reign in 2017

Dress Summer Trends. Here We Go! by Agata

Dress Summer Trends. Here We Go! by Agata

Outdoor Activities by Iga

Outdoor Activities by Iga