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Simplicité by Ieva

Simplicité by Ieva

If the French know how to do anything, it’s how to have a hot love affair with life. 
Apart from other hot affairs, of course. 

For the french, the human experience is more about being than doing. 
Their life is centred around quality and pleasure.     

Walking the streets of Paris,
I feel like life suddenly makes sense -
the way people dine, walk, appreciate high culture,
present themselves to the world, love, live.
Beauty and leisure are sought out each day,
not when you reached some non-existent finishing line.
You feel like, eventually, the time is on your side.
No surprise, it’s the country that developed the term Joie de Vive.
It’s the culture where you are being taught “l’education du gout” -
"education of taste" from the very early days. 

Some are calling the French lazy or not driven enough. 
I know, they are sitting at some beach in French Riviera now
and laughing how the rest of the western world just don’t get it
cranking out 60+ hour weeks,
stressing our bodies to the max and
spiralling into the states of depression of not achieving it all,
on and on. 

If you look around, we tend to compartmentalise pleasure,
separating it from daily routines and relating it to special occasions, leisure times only. 
Happy hours, guilty pleasures
- as if the pleasure can only be that -
rare & shameful.
Until we completely forget one key principle:
our work is simply a means to live a beautiful life. 

What is so fascinating about the French lifestyle,
or in particular,
that one of a french femme-fatale?
There are no big rules. Or no rules at all, in fact.
It's simplicity.

Simplicité in Life

A french femme-fatale is by no means perfect,
but her approach to life seems
more focused or, shall i say, less cluttered. 
She has a keen focus on what's important to her and
manages to turn even the smallest things
- such as where to get the best cup of espresso or croissant - 
into a pleasurable event.

A french woman understands that her career is not her life,
just a means to offer her what she’s really after:
a life of play and pleasure.
By no means she strives to live a very passionate life and
continuously practices pleasure rituals. 
Wining, dining, great conversations, reading a few book pages
during your lunch break, cinema, flirt, sex - you name it!

Simplicité in Beauty 

Feeling good is as important as looking good.
Long baths, facials, massages, any type of treatment for the body are not luxuries,
they're essentials — no matter how busy your life is. 
Respect and love your body, everyday.
Learn your best assets and work what you have, not what you want.
Keep it natural. 

A french woman is not consumed with “getting ready”.
With a glowing skin, a red lipstick can be the only thing she’ll put on her face. 
A messy hair that make her look like she's just had a passionate night?
(I have no doubt she really did)
Even better!

Simplicité in Style,
- or -
Looking Chic in an Effortless Way

Forget about the trends - go back to basics. 
If you were to evaluate the wardrobes of french muses,
you would see one glaring similarity - a penchant for basics.
Quite obvious, you can’t build a stylish wardrobe without a solid foundation.
Keep it natural, keep it neutral. 
Again, embrace the bedhead. 
Wear expensive perfume and good shoes,

Mix and match.
Take it easy.
The biggest fashion faux pas in France is
to look like you’ve tried too hard. 

It suddenly makes a better sense of what’s important in life.
It’s not the material things we own, nor is it about how much money we make.
Enjoying great quality without over-consuming, that is. 

C’est la vie! 

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