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Facts about · The Odder Side · by Brygida

Facts about · The Odder Side · by Brygida

We are not Martha Stewart.

Our office is in the same building as our store at Rozbrat,
but usually there is so much mess (Justyna's fault o b v i o u s l y )
that there is no work space and we need to work from some nearest restaurants. 

So if you are having lunch at "Na Lato" you probally see
how we design our new collection at the next table.


We love to eat.

Sometimes I could only talk about what
we will have for lunch (Uber Eats helps me everyday). 
Only Iwona is always on a diet, but at least she is enjoying when we eat.


We are fans of Rihanna.

Huge fans. Yes, that's true and we are not ashamed of it. 


We are international.

Ieva, who is taking care of our branding, is originally from Vilnius.
And she is THE BEST. 


We are VSCO Cam addicted.

I mean, Justyna is.
Sometimes she takes a selfie and chooses the best filter for
a couple of hours before she puts it on our instagram.
One photo. A couple of hours.


Life is better at the beach.

That's our everyday thought.
So our every summer weekend destination is Hel.
Hell yeah!


We l o v e pets.

I have adopted a dog called Presley
(his first name was Precel, but he hated it, so he became Presley and now he is so much happier).

Justyna has a french bulldog Biggie and a cat called Kitka (the black Drama Queen).

Ieva has a dog named Gile (meaning acorn, as she was found in a forest),
also adopted, and she looks like a real Lady. 


One of us is a Mum.

So in real life it looks like each of us have a child,
because all of our team is taking care of Nina sometimes
- while Mum has some important meetings or... a manicure. 


We love "Love" on Netfilx.

Ok - only me.
But hopefully one day the rest of the girls will also watch it.
This is really COOL.


"Boys talk"

Me and Justyna are like the worst aunties and are asking our Team Girls every day,
"So WHO are you dating now? Show us his on Instagram".
I know we should stop it but we can't. 



Once you start to work at THE ODDER SIDE,
your messenger will never be quiet again. 

We have a special conversation called "Dream Team" (all our team are in)
and we solve all of our problems here, plus we talk about
"how do you like this new Kim Kardashian dress",
" where is the best chia pudding" and many many mores.
Not sure our team likes it, but me and Justyna do :)

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How to be happy? by Iwona

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