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Spring · Summer Is Coming by Justyna

Spring · Summer Is Coming by Justyna


This might be one of the busiest times of the year.
But also one of my favourite ones! (Just after Christmas)

We have been tirelessly working on our new collection since...
last August.
Yes, it takes time.

We have been trying different fabrics,
making sure the silhouettes are as flattering as they should be.
It really is an exciting moment, when your hard work and visions materialise.
This moment now - shooting the campaign
(searching for the proper venue, the model, creating the mood around the new season)
is basically the cherry on top of our work.


This season it’s all about this place!
Not everyone knows that when we were starting this brand
I lived in this energetic city and I was really into it.
I couldn’t think of a better location for our Spring Summer Campaign.
We were dreaming of this old style, Catalonian apartment,
full of colours, motives and art.
We wanted a story „behind the scenes”, some artistic vibe to it.
And of course we thought „every apartment in Barcelona is just like that”.

The Model

All of our team have been looking for THE ONE.
It took us quite some time, because we knew exactly what kind of girl
we were creating our pieces for.
And we fell in love with IRINA.

What I think we have achieved is a Campaign I have always dreamt about.
In no small part it's because of our photographer & friend Gosia Turczyńska -
the fairy behind these dreamy photos (AGAIN).

We want you to feel the atmosphere, the heat,
the scent of Summer in Barcelona.
The perfect evening of your holiday when there’s nothing to think about
but to enjoy, explore...

What would you wear on that evening?

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