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Little Routines by Brygida

Little Routines by Brygida

For us designing the new collection always has the same rhyme.

It always starts with the same -
me and Justyna thinking about what we really,
truly need for the new season,
what we dream of having for winter or spring,
and what we can't find anywhere else. 

This is the part that I like the most -
for a girl it's like making the dreams come true :)

Then the technical part -
making sketches,
choosing the best colours,
fave fabrics. 

Sometimes we need to do one sample in five
or more different fabrics to find the best one
for that particular model.

Each model is discussed with all of our team
before we accept it to the final production -
our girls try every sample and give us some feedback.

At times when we have even a little doubt about something,
we always try to find some solution of how to achieve the perfect look. 

Then - production.
All of our clothes are made in Poland <3
We cooperate with one and same clothing factory from the very beginning.
We know every needlewoman working there. 

Each new collection also brings us the new branding.
We like to keep it fresh with every new season.
Once we love golden dots, another time - palms trees. 
Thanks to Ieva - we have the most beautiful boxes, bags, postcards every time.

And then after all of that,
when the new collection is out
- the magical times happens -
vacations! <3 

But more on that - in the new blog post. 

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