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The Back Game by Ieva

The Back Game by Ieva

There’s something dazzling about the woman’s back. 

Beautifully curved and wide,
it is our shield from the world, keeping our dear hearts safe. 
And so it radiates exactly that

our strength, our confidence, 
directly through our posture. 

Intriguingly enough,
you can guess someone's mood
from the way they ‘hold’ their back
better than reading it from face. 

On the other hand,
it is this whole mysterious land of your body surface and beyond it.
Did you know that in a love relationship
touching each other's back is one of the best, single factors
indicating a love relationship is satisfying and successful? 

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No wonder, showcasing your back is powerful. 
But what exactly is so subtle and sexy about it? 

To me, it's the choice of a not-your-standard woman.
This is a woman who wants to be taken seriously,
who has things to say,
carries her personality more than her appearance. 
She wants you to focus on her words and ideas - first. 
Then, when you've heard it all,
she walks away and...

The unexpected.
You get to see one of the most beautiful and intimate parts of her body. 
It is addictive, it is hard to take your eyes off.
Because you can gaze as much as you want to
without her even knowing it. 

See, this woman doesn't need to KNOW you're watching. 
She looks for no assurance, nor does she need attention from anyone. 
All this effortless allure, these "few more seconds you're allowed to gaze"
switches the right buttons. 

In other words, 
she had us at goodbye. 
And goodbyes are forever. 

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